Speedo Selfie/Cock Selfie

Now that Kip is gone I think I need to update my Grindr profile and see what kind of trouble I can get up to this weekend.

Does Grindr still not allow speedo pics?  I think that kind sucks but maybe I’ll get a pic of my red speedos just showing.

If I saw this guy on Grindr I’m pretty sure he’d get an invitation to cum over ASAP!!!

Maybe I’ll have Alex over on Friday afternoon and have him take some new pics.  Anyone want to see them?

Speedo SelfieCock Selfie

7 Users Responded in " Speedo Selfie/Cock Selfie "

Jake said,  

It would be nice to get a glimpse of the hot straight guy your poking.

electric2010 said,  

Yeah Dave, we would love to see pic’s!

Dr. Phil said,  

Would love to see photos of both of you…after all these years, in your case (though we’ve had the occasional glimpse, haven’t we?)! 😉

The guy above: yeah, he can come over, and come on, and come behind, and anywhere and everywhere else he likes.

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

Yeah I have posted probably over a dozen pics of me but I might not have mentioned it – 😉


Tommygunzz said,  

Where can I send my speedo selfie?

Dave Evans said,  


I’m sure the guys over on the SpeedoForum.org would love to see them.


coolj40 said,  

I’m new to the Speedo Forum site, and just discovered this link today. I would indeed enjoy seeing some more pics of you.
I’ve had a speedo fetish for years and am enjoying what I’m seeing.
Overall there are some incredibly hot pics I’ve seen on these sites. Thank you!

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