Speedos are Better

Continuing on yesterdays theme of speedos vs all other forms of swimwear.

The guys in speedos in these pics look WAY BETTER don’t you think?

I’ve raised the issue before about square cuts perhaps being a good thing because they can be a gateway to speedos.  I understand that, I just have never found a pair of square cuts that I really like – I find they bunch up between my legs.

What do you guys think?

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k1speedo said,  

You’re dead right Dave, speedos are definitely better than square cuts. Even though I have a few of pair of square cuts myself I seldom wear them because as you say they tend to bunch up. That’s same for underwear too. I went through the satin boxer phase, moved on to the boxer brief stage and am now mostly wearing briefs again (and speedos too of course). Much more comfortable and there’s a much better range of styles and colours these days too. And yes the guys wearing speedos in these pics look WAY, WAY BETTER.

Mark said,  

I haven’t worn any swimwear other than Speedos for some 40 years. Yesterday evening I was the only guy in brief swimwear on a giant slick ‘n slide at a party. Didn’t really think anything about it, and nobody made any negative comments although at some point I thought they might. Yeah, at 60 I still wear speedos.

Sam Speedo said,  

On ya, Mark! Good to hear you’re still wearing speedos . . . and probably looking awesome in ’em too!

Not that keen on square cuts – agree with k1speedo! I wear HOM Plume II bikini briefs for underwear (but wear boxers to bed . . . love the freedom they provide! lol)

Dave Evans said,  


I completely agree mate.

Speedos or briefs are the only thing that I can wear all the time and feel comfortable. I’ve tried loose boxers, fitting boxers from CK and I always keep coming back to speedos or briefs.

When I was in high school I had a boner pretty much the entire time and at least with some tight fitting speedos or briefs I could kind of hide my boner – no way I could do that in boxers.


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