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Monday Update

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Just a bit of an update on what has been going on.

  • My date on Friday with the couple went well.  We had agreed before hand that it was just a meet and greet and we wouldn’t be ‘playing’ on the first date.  They were even hotter in person than from their pics and we have exchanged a few messages over the weekend and hopefully we will catch up later this week.It was fun (and a little weird) talking to strangers about my bi/gay side and experiences and hearing what appears to be a completely straight couple talking about the same things.

    The girlfriend said at one point that her boyfriend hasn’t sucked cock in a while and he misses it.

    They have a hottub on their deck and I think that will be where we will have our first play time together.

Hottub Speedo

  • The weather here is awesome today but the forecast is for it to crap out for a few days later in the week.  I had some chores to do this morning and swung by a pool that I’ve driven and walked past hundreds of times but never stopped in.Was a bit busier than my pool but I was impressed that every single guy swimming was wearing speedos.

    I think the water was different because I did get a rash under by arms.  That has happened before when I just get back swimming and push it too hard too soon but I’m reasonably swim fit and only did my usual 2,000m.

Speedo Swimmer

  • My job for the rest of the day is to get this new movie ready.  The guys in it aren’t wearing speedos but why I decided to purchase it was the interesting position this guy does.Can anyone do this themselves?  I can’t but I’d be happy for someone to do it to me.

Suck and Fuck

July 18th, 2022

Speedos are Better

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Continuing on yesterdays theme of speedos vs all other forms of swimwear.

The guys in speedos in these pics look WAY BETTER don’t you think?

I’ve raised the issue before about square cuts perhaps being a good thing because they can be a gateway to speedos.  I understand that, I just have never found a pair of square cuts that I really like – I find they bunch up between my legs.

What do you guys think?

Black Arena SwimwearSpeedos are Better

July 31st, 2014

Tight, tiny speedos on hot swimmer

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I love swimmers…. I love speedos.

Most of all I love swimmers in speedos.

October 13th, 2009
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