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When I started high school, which was an all boys school on the Gold Coast, during PE if we were swimming speedos were compulsory.  Each there was a swimming carnival and every one who got in the pool wore a speedo, no jammers or dork shorts.

By the time of my final year I remember that guys were starting to wear jammers or the ‘speedo only’ policy wasn’t being implemented and guys were wearing dork shorts.  I can only imagine that since then it has gotten worse with more jammers and dork shorts.

However, I was reading today a comment that someone said they were talking to a Speedo rep and schools were buying more speedos than jammers this year.  I’m assuming they are talking about US but that is great news.

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vasy said,  

Ok, i’m ready to play with yellow ball and with tho others balls..juste time to put my speedo…

william said,  

Prepubertal boys usually don’t mind wearing a speedo. But in the teens, when the bulge gets bigger… Or worse: a boner develops – in public… How your peers will react… That is why many teenagers prefer the swim short, I did also during my teens.
Don’t underestimate the peer pressure. This is very delicate. Frequently wearing a speedo is associated with being overly horny or being gay. This is regrettable and sad however.

Dave Evans said,  


But peer pressure can be a good factor as well – regardless of age.

I’m sure if more of my mates wore speedos at the beach socially or even brazil cuts, I’m sure that kind of pressure would encourage other guys.


vasy said,  

In France, we are lucky..shortswim are forbidden in swimming pools and teens wear speedos…

william said,  


You are right, peer pressure can work both ways, against or in favour of wearing speedos.


samspeedo said,  

Comments about peer pressure are correct!

I used to go to a boy’s boarding school . . . way back, when speedos were okay to wear, everybody did and no-one worried too much about bulges etc. Today the place is co-ed so guys are a bit more shy about a sudden boner when a girl shows up!

Nevertheless, there’s lots of speedos (lycra/poly blends) that can tame an out-of-control cock, unlike your average nylon skimpy one. So guys shouldn’t worry too much.

I prefer the nylon type ‘cos I don’t mind showing off my junk (if any one is interested). Sadly, most of the young guys at my local pool are into jammers.

One young guy was in a black one at the pool on Friday and, side on, he had quite a large bulge! If he was worried about ‘showing off’ he sure wore the wrong swimmers!

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