Suit fucking a speedo boy

I always have fun knowing that 99% of the time I wear speedos.  I wear speedos under my boardies, under my jeans when I’m out at BBQ’s, under my suit during work meetings and I have worn speedos under my tux at weddings.

What I wonder is…. who else out there is wearing speedos in public without anyone knowing?

With that in mind, you guys can imagine why I love this new speedo movie.

Check out this movie from the archives….  if you are a blog member you can watch the full length

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Dr. Phil said,  

If you ever get involved in speedo porn producing, Dave, I have a request: some swimmer guy gets taken to the hospital from the pool, and as he is recovering in the ER, the ER techs/doctors are all wearing speedos under their scrubs, and huge medical orgy ensues. 😉

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,



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