Sunday Spit Roast

My incredible horny’ness yesterday was cured by my old friend Grindr.

What did gay guys do before the internet and grindr?

It didn’t take too long on Grindr when I changed my info to:

“I want to be the Sunday Spit Roast. Love speedos, can host or travel.”

I had a couple of responses pretty quickly but it was a couple who caught my attention.  They are mid 30’s, in a long term relationship and like to spice things up a little bit every now and then.  The guys had a nice house about 20 mins up the coast, it had a pool but we didn’t really make it out of the living room.

They knew I love speedos and I wore my white speedo solars and they were both wearing speedos under their jeans as well.

It was really hot.  With my recent experiences with Alex it feels like I’m walking on egg shells a little bit making sure I don’t freak him out and I am doing a lot more work than he is too.

This experience was the complete opposite!!!

These guys worked me over.

It was pretty hot and maybe this could become a slightly regular thing.

And yes, they did spit roast me – hehehehe.

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