Super hot speedo guys

I can’t believe how hot these three guys are!!!

Yesterday I was up early and went to the pool a little after 7am.  The traffic was a lot busier with people going to work (going to the train station on their way to work) and then on the way home I got caught in school traffic.  It was colder getting into the pool which made it a little tougher as well.

Not to be a Moaning Minnie though, it was a different crowd compared to when I swim during the day.  Lots more younger guys swimming, still a majority of guys wearing speedos but a few jammers as well.  Don’t worry, yours truly was wearing a pair of black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

I don’t know if I’ll make it to the pool early every day but it was a nice change of scenery.

Smooth SwimmerSwimmer in PoolSpeedo Car Wash

4 Users Responded in " Super hot speedo guys "

Randy said,  

That first stud in the bright blue speedo is SO hot. And it looks like his erection would just explode out of the top of his speedo if he got aroused. THAT would be hot to watch!

Darren said,  

The guy on the left of the last pic looks as if he has a good hard on, I could help him relieve himself is I was there. The guy in the first pic is an up cock guy and would be pushing out the top if he got hard. Great!!

Walt said,  

The first picture is so hot…He is so smooth, not a bit of hair that really is hot for me and he obviously loves showing off his cock….Good for him as a young guy I am sure he will get lots of action…

Eric said,  

Picture 3 works for me – it’s got to be lifted from a twink car wash porno. That guy is hard and ready to swap his sponge for a fuck.

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