The Volunteer Cameraman

This morning I was tidying up some photo galleries and I stumbled across some old speedo selfies of mine.

Jerking off at the beach

I’m not going to share with you guys when and where these were taken for discretion (if you are a member, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you where).

Lets just say it was a Wednesday so the beach was pretty quiet.  It was 7kms from the carpark down the beach to where these speedo selfies were taken and I walked past a nude beach which was about 2kms from the carpark.

It was my first time to this beach and as I walked from the carpark I was wearing a pair of boardies (board shorts/dork shorts), cap, sunnies and my bakpack.  As I got to the nude beach section I was surprised just how many people were out and about, fully nude of course.  It was a majority of old blokes of course, but there were more couples and women than I’ve ever seen at a nude beach.  Walking past fully nude people while I was wearing shorts didn’t feel right so I stripped off my shorts to reveal my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  Not quite nude, but I felt like I was dressed more approrpiately.

Walking along a beach, wearing nothing but a speedo does feel liberating.

My goal was to get to the end of the beach so for the next hour or so I walked.  I had some adult beverages in my pack and had a few drinks by the time I got towards the end of the beach.

There was no people around that far up so I setup my position for the day.

I was lying on my back checking some stuff on my phone.  There were two things that I hadn’t noticed; firstly, my hand hand wandered down to the front of my speedo and was stroking the smooth lycra of my speedo which had been stretched from my hardon and secondly, there was a older guy in the dunes behind me less than twenty meters away.

Both of these things were brought to my attention when the guy coughed and asked “Enjoying yourself?”

Startled, I sat bolt up right and started apologizing.

The guy was in his sixties, bit overweight and completely naked.  I tell a lie, he had a camera around his neck.

I apologized for encroaching on his space, telling him I hadn’t seen him and I’ll find somewhere down the beach.

The old guy assured me there was no need to apologize, he was in the dunes looking for birds and he indicated to his camera that he was a bird person and wasn’t at the beach taking photos of naked, or in my case, semi-naked people.  Standing up, I introduced myself, he said his name was Paul.  Little bit weird standing across from a completely naked old bloke while I’m there with an erection that is not being hidden by my little black speedo.

Paul told me was not gay but said it was beautiful to see a young person out enjoying nature.  Then he offered to take some photos of me if I would like?

That had been part of my plan for the day.  The plan wasn’t to find some old guy in the dunes to take photos of me, my plan was to get some speedo selfies.

I told him that would be great but wasn’t too weird?  Again, the situation already had weird covered.

I asked Paul if he would mind using my phone camera, for discretion, which he was completely fine with.  So, there we were, walking down the beach to the waters edge for a photo shoot.  I asked Paul if he minded if I jerked off?  Would that make this whole thing too weird?  He said that was fine with him.

Along with the black ADIDAS speedos, I had also brought along a pair of red AussieBum speedos and some tiny rugby shorts which I wanted some pics of.  At the waters edge I changed in to the red speedos and shorts.

Beach Jerk Off

For fives minutes or so Paul took pics of me in that attire.

I was getting pretty horny so I changed back in to my black ADIDAS speedos.  I checked again with Paul to see if it was OK for me to masturbate and he told me to go for it.

There I was, beautiful sunny day, on my knees, in front of a stranger who was taking photos, stroking my cock.

Had I been on my own it would have been a quicker affair but with something watching me, I took it slow.  Pinching my nipples, throwing my head back, even fingering myself a little bit.  I could see Paul’s own cock was starting to come to life which turned me on even more.

I wanted to last longer and keep putting on a show but eventually, I couldn’t hold back any more.  I lowered myself so my cock and balls were just in the water which was an amazing sensation.  My stroking rate went up and then I thurst my hips out as my cock exploded cum in to the ocean.

This pic here is just as I was about to cum:

Cumming on the Beach

That was one of the hottest jerking off experiences I have ever had.

Paul and I walked back up the beach and I teased him a little bit about him semi-hard on and maybe he did have some gay tendencies?  He assured me he hadn’t been converted, it reminded him of when he was younger and could masturbate at the beach.  He did tell me he and his wife might get up to some mischief later that afternoon which we both laughed about.

Paul left, he had a boat that was packed in the river behind the dunes and I packed up and started heading back down the beach.  Again, only wearing a speedo.  I had a few more drinks on the walk down and when I got to the nude beach area there were even more people about.  I suppose it was 4pm by now.

Feeling great after my experience and a few drinks for courage, I picked a spot right in the middle of the busy nude beach area and went for a swim.  I was still wearing my speedos, I’m not much of a nude guy,

After my swim, I lay down on my towel and started reading my Kindle.  There were lots of sound with all the people about.  Some had music going and it seemed like everyone had enjoyed a few drinks by that time of day.   Twenty minutes or so after I had lied down I was just thinking about getting up and going for a swim, not just for the swim but as an excuse to get up and see what was going on around me.  Then I heard a female voice yell out “Hey Speedo Guy?”

I sat up and looked to my left.  It was five people, two men, three women, all in their 40’s and completely naked.  One of the women yelled again and indicating towards the dunes: “Want to join us?”

Let me know if you guys would like to hear what happened for the rest of the afternoon…..

In the meantime, here are some of the photos that Paul took that day (of course, members can see the full gallery):

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avatar said,  

That’s HOT. Shame he didn’t video you. Would love to hear the rest.

joshbloggs61469300 said,  

You know I love a story Dave – please publish the rest as soon as you can. Looking forward to it.

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