Time for Alex to Suck Up

An interesting development with Alex for me to share with you guys.

Seems like he is jealous/upset about my threesome on Sunday night.

We did catch up at the pool yesterday for a swim and he wasn’t as friendly as usual and then he texted me afterwards saying he didn’t think it was kewl that I had a random threesome.

I’m not quite sure what that is all about.  He has a girlfriend, he was a bit of a tease on Friday night, I’ve got over a week since I got off.

I’d be interested to hear what you guys think.

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8 Users Responded in " Time for Alex to Suck Up "

Pete25 said,  

It is a quandary? Does he abstain or is this just a one-way street? Maybe a one-to-one discussion is n necessary move so you both can understand what you want from each other.

Spear said,  

Sounds like it’s ok for Alex to fuck his chick, but not for you to have a fuck or two when he’s not around. What business is it of his whether you had a threesome or a twentysome. Just as it’s none of your business how often he humps his gf. Like Pete said above, time to get it out in the open what’s happening between you two and if anything is there to continue the relationship

PETE said,  

Nothing 2 drinks and a good fuck can’t fix
cheers pete

Jake said,  

Maybe you’ve crossed that territory between NSA and something more. Best to clear the air and talk it over.

Eric said,  

Sounds like he’s dirty about not being included in a random threesome. Maybe you should invite Alex and banana guy over for some Speedo fun.

Darren said,  

I agree with Pete25, you have to chat it over with him, but it looks as if he wants you all to himself, and who can blame him for that.

vasy said,  

i m ok to be the fruit…

Guy said,  

So we can see blondie throating a banana but what’s he like on the real thing?

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