Very Visible Penis Line (VVPL)

Today was a glorious day here on the Australian Central Coast.  I was up early banging out some work and by 9am I thought I deserved a little bit of time in my speedo in the great out doors.

So I packed up and headed north to Birdie Beach.  Before leaving, I checked Grindr but it was a little too early and a little too much of a Tuesday for any Grindr potential.  I decided to wear my white AussieBum Coolabah speedos which I really love but since they are white, they are SUPER see through when they are wet.  This makes them a little bit inappropriate for use at the public pool or anywhere public for that matter so I don’t get to wear them as much as I would like.

In the spirit of me spending a couple of hours today wearing speedos which had a very very visible penis line (VPL), I thought I’d post a bunch of my favourite VPL pics for you guys.

Enjoy – and you know all these photos come from the archives of my site

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walt said,  

Women enjoy showing nipples and cleavage, getting attention and feeling sexy…they have liberated themselves.

As guys we should,and in Europe we are,liberating ourselves and showing VPL. We do this in our jeans, workout shorts, tights and in our speedos. Stop hiding in the corner and get out and liberate yourself. It is easy to carry it off if you turn up your confidence and be more outward and easy going, like you don’t even know. You will find you meet others and enjoy your day three times as much….Remember life is not a dress rehearsal. I am going to an all day volunteer conference today,in tight, sightly elastic, jeans with VPL proudly showing

Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

I love a good VPL. They are so hot! But I particularly love one that plays “peek-a-boo” (a la, or actually ooh la la, the hottie in the white speedo with the strings hanging out). Makes it easy for a gal like me to take that hot pole between my lips and along my tongue without even having to pull the speedo down with my teeth (though that might be fun, too)!

Tiffani, bulging inside my skirt!

Dave Evans said,  

Walt – you are a legend mate!!! I love your ‘life isn’t a dress rehearsal’ comment.

Miss Tiffani – I can’t believe you’d speak like that on MY BLOG. Since you are the only lady hanging out here, I suppose I will have to forgive…. and encourage you.


Tiffani said,  

Thank you, Dave. You’re a sweetie! xo

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