Waiting for Alex to fuck me

All week I’ve been itching (figuratively, not literally – I’m sick of people miss using the word ‘literally’), to have my arse fucked.

Last weekend Surfer Chick told me that she had tried anal years ago and didn’t like it but she has been finding her arse to be more and more sensitive and when I played with her arsehole it got us talking and she said she’d like to explore some anal sex…. slowly of course.

Who better to teach a chick anal, than a guy who loves receiving anal?

I haven’t started Surfer Chicks training but it will go similar to Alex’s anal training.  Slowly and with lots of lube.

I’ve written about it over on BisexualDave.com if you are interested.

Since last weekend I’ve been dying to have my arsehole fucked and today Alex is knocking off work early and coming over.  I’ve turned the heat up in the house so we will be nice and warm and I’m thinking I might put on a jockstrap (I only have 1) and tied myself to the headboard of my bed and leave the condom and lube next to me.

He’ll be around in about 3 hours, do you guys have any suggestions?

Jockstrap Anal SexGay Jockstrap

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