Well and truly fucked

Holy cow, it is 7am and I’m out of bed on a Saturday.  What is wrong with me?

Today is looking like a fantastic day.  Supposed to get up to 21C (70F) which is awesome!!!  Once the sun starts cranking out some of that heat I’m going to move my office outside and enjoy it.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 6C (43F) which isn’t that good so I better make the most of it.  Today I will get in the water, I haven’t been in the water all week which is odd for me.

So yesterday I did what I had planned and handcuffed myself to my bed and was wearing a jockstrap.  I lube up my arse before hand as well and put on a make shift blind fold.  I don’t Alex about it and he was keen so he walked in the house, stripped down to black speedos, put on a condom and fucked me.  He took ages too, which he later told me was because he fucked his girlfriend that morning before work.

I had been craving being fucked so it was good to get that out my system.

Anyone got anything exciting happening this weekend?

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