What a week!!!

Holy cow guys, I don’t think I’ve had as busy a week in years.  I think it was when I redid SwimmerBoyz.com which a huge under taking and 900+ Speedo Photos of the Day ago.

What do you guys think of the new site?

So far the feedback has been pretty positive, I’ve got a few little things to tidy up but it is looking good.  There have been about 40 people join the ‘Premium Membership’ side and from the bandwidth figures it looks like those guys are enjoying the sample movies.  Thanks for all your support guys, this is a fun place and I enjoy creating stuff that you guys like.

If you haven’t been over there, click here to check it out.

The other day when I posted I did go for a quick swim but I didn’t Grindr it up so I’ve had a rather sexless week.

I’m not sure what is going on this weekend but I think Alex’s arse might get a pounding if we get a minute alone.

Tomorrow I have 4 new movies to get online but I think right now it is time for a Bourbon and Coke, maybe a quick swim first.  Then I’ll spend the rest of the day hanging out in my white speedos and see who knocks on the door.  Could be interesting to see Surfer Chicks reaction to me walking around in a white speedo after the mixed response to my red speedo under my jeans the other week…..   I will keep you guys posted.

Beach Speedo

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