What turns me on about this speedo photo?

I’ve had this photo for a few weeks and although the quality isn’t that great there is just something about it which turns me on.

Here are a few ideas of maybe why this photo is such a turn on:

  • One guy nude and one guy in a speedo….. you know what is going to happen next.
  • The guy in the green speedo looks like he is already boning up.
  • I love where their hands are.

I’ll get back to writing about Kip’s last night foursome and today I’m also working on my line of DE Swimwear.  I’m pushing and hoping that I can get it live by Xmas.  I’ll be running some ideas past you guys to see what you want.

Speedo vs Nude

8 Users Responded in " What turns me on about this speedo photo? "

spear said,  

Yeah, and look where the naked guy’s leg is rubbing. How could someone not bone up unless he got screwed and came out straight. Then again, even straight guys can’t always control what their dick does.

Dave Evans said,  

Spear – I hear you mate.

I can’t imagine a str8 guy not getting a hard on if he was in the green speedo.


PS – It is great placement of the thigh isn’t it?

vasy said,  

Don’t forget the ass//hi is exciting..

DeepKisser said,  

The guy in the green suit is holding the other guy’s butt cheek to confirm that the naked butt is his to do as he wishes. The naked guy is holding the waist of the guy in the green suit to confirm that his butt is available to be enjoyed.

Great photo.

k1speedo said,  

Good looking guys with great bodies, a semi hard cock bulging in speedos, a perfect bubble butt…..what’s not to love in this pic. All that, is what gets us and you Dave turned on by this photo.

samspeedo said,  

I’m with you completely, k1speedo!

An awesome pic all round!

That straining cock in the green speedo is just dying to get out! Absolutely LOVE the bubble butt as well.

I’m thinking we’re all a bit hot and sweaty over this photo . . .

Dr. Phil said,  

Actually, any number of things could happen next:

“Sweetie, did I leave the iron on?”

“Oh, I just remembered: we’re out of bread.”

“Help me get out of these, and then join me in the shower before we fuck?”

Apparently, too many of your readers don’t have very good imaginations, Dave. 😉

coolj40 said,  

This is one of my recent favorite photos. In sharing with good friends who are Dom/sub where the sub is naked most of the time, we thought it showed the Dom (in speedo)/sub (naked) also. Obviously I agree with DeepKisser’s comment. Well put…

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