Whistler Hottub Pickup

This is a story submitted by one of the members.  If the travel restrictions weren’t in place, he and I were trying to organize for me to be in Whistler with him when this happened.  Maybe next year.

Hey all, I spent last week in the ski resort of Whistler, and thought I’d post about a fun night I had, in speedos of course.

I was staying in a condo with friends for the week, and due to the tightening travel restrictions lately, they decided to leave early – so I had the place to myself for the last two nights. My friends and I had been hitting up the hot tub every afternoon after skiing, but it was a pretty busy scene with lots of families so I chose to play it conservative and wore my boardshorts (with speedos underneath of course) when we went down to soak. The first night that I was there alone I decided to go sit in the hot tub for a while before stretching. I could see the hot tub from my room, which was surrounded by trees and fairly private, and could tell that it was empty… so I put on my speedos and bathrobe and walked down.

It felt good to take my robe off and stand at the side of the hot tub in the cold air in nothing but my speedo, I chose a pair of blue Budgy Smugglers – they are always a conversation starter around less speedo friendly crowds. [here’s a pic of Beau Ryan wearing the same pair I wore]…

Budgy Smugglers

Anyway, after 10 minutes or so of sitting in the hot bubbles, enjoying the night sky, a couple showed up in their bathrobes. When they came through the trees to where the tub was, they looked disappointed to see someone else was there, I think maybe they had ideas about having some fun in public together that I had just ruined.

They were both in good shape, late 40s? maybe, and were speaking German. This made my dick twitch a bit, as I knew the Germans liked their speedos… suddenly I couldn’t wait to see what he was wearing under the robe. I was praying for speedo briefs, but would have accepted square cuts, board shorts would have sent me for the hills. He didn’t disappoint… he turned his back to me and took his robe off to reveal nice broad shoulders and the tightest ass I’d seen in a while, all in a tiny yellow speedo! It was a Euro brand for sure, very thin material, low cut, less than an inch on the sides. He looked a bit shy when he turned around, but seemed to lighten-up when he saw my speedos under the bubbles.

She had on a bikini, white, but I’m not into women and didn’t really pay her too much attention. She did have big tits though, and had no problem pulling off a swimsuit that was likely intended for someone 15 years younger than she was.

They got in the hot tub on the opposite side of me, and smiled as they sat down – he was a smooth type guy, definitely with a gym membership, but not over the top worked out and muscled – just fit enough that he didn’t have a stomach and his arms and chest had a bit of definition. His package looked nice, I could tell his cock was pointed up in his pouch and that he likely was uncut. I also could tell he shaved his chest and stomach (which meant probably his pubes too – I always appreciate a trim job and smooth balls).

I said “hi” to be friendly, but also to find out if they spoke English or not. They both said “hello” back in thick German accents. They spoke German to each other for quite a while, and didn’t pay much attention to me. After a while, I was feeling hot, so I stood up and sat on the edge of the hot tub. His eyes instantly went to my pouch, which was looking okay, but I find the Budgy Smuggler swimmers kinda tight and they tend to make things look smooshed-up rather than show things off. I could see they were playing a bit under the water, holding hands and maybe touching each others naughty bits?!?! He started kissing her on the neck, and I could tell she was checking me out too, but I was more interested in what was happening with his bulge under the water. They both caught me looking at him a bit too long, which was awkward… then they made some quiet talk and stood up and sat on the edge of the hot tub as well, revealing their hot wet bodies in their tight lycra swimwear. I got a semi instantly, see his wet swimmers sticking to his package – I could literally see the outline of his cock and balls through the thin yellow Lycra – I felt the urge to adjust my cock which was growing… but just let it fill out my suit.

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