Who’s speedos are these?

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a pair of these speedo brand speedos.  They are kind of a mix between the ADIDAS three stripe and a speedo solar.

I’d love to find a pair of those ADIDAS three stripe speedo in a white if anyone knows where to find them – that would be awesome!!!

Selfie in White Speedos


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londo said,  

Well, here they have more colors (besides the black one), however none of them is white =(

Spear said,  

I had a pair of these a couple years ago. I haven’t seen them on any site since then though. I think they went bye bye

Darren said,  

Dave,cannot help you with this brand of speedo, but I have speedos from http://www.kiniki.com they have many styles, but I like Andre best, they come in black, red, blue, purple, yellow and white all with 1 inch sides, so brief how I like them. I always favour the white or yellow pair. Kiniki also make underwear for younger guys, G-strings, which I wear 24/7, thongs briefs and silky boxers.

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