X-Rated Thong Thursday

Happy Thong Thursday guys, I was just about to walk down to the beach but it is raining pretty good here so I’m just working on the deck.  I have two new movies to work on today… my work is never done.

One thing on my to-do-list is to research and find a thong.  I haven’t had one in my speedo collection for a while.  This is what I’m looking for:

  • Lycra
  • Fits like a normal speedo
  • Drawstring
  • Not too loose in the front

You wouldn’t think this is too much to ask for but it seems like it is.  I’d like a thong I can wear to the beach and go in the surf with (hence the need for a drawstring). And, I would love to be out on the town and bring a guy home and drop my jeans to reveal a thong… I think that would be an ever better surprise than a speedo.

If you guys have any thong shopping suggestions please leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Here is a photo of Aussie Shannon thonging it up.

Thong Thursday

There is a second photo but it is a bit too naughty for the public.  Members can see it though.  The photo looks like you can see all the way inside Shannon.  Hehehe.

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