Your speedo is too small

I didn’t think I would ever say these words but dude “I think your speedo is too small.”

Doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

Cock in Red Speedo

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Spear said,  

Depends on what he’s featuring. Looks like hair and cock. A shave would help how it looks. Wonder if he’s top or bottom or vers

ps1541 said,  

He definitely needs a shave (or a waxing), and yes, for him the suit is too small.

beerdoc_colorado said,  

it will work fine in a hot tub 😉

billygardener19 said,  

Yeah, a shave would have made it a little more acceptable.

swimmer/biker said,  

A great overly obvious example of the importance of shaving in allowing one to really wear a small sexy speedo….ALSO, speedo this small should be worn even across the front even if that means butt cleavage…so shave it all for this suit and no “V” front…

john dee said,  

Love this picture , the gorgeous body , the tiny speedos , the bulging cock and balls and the pubes I find very exciting , I wish I looked this good but there you are that’s just me ,:)

Darren said,  

I agree this guy needs a shave, I am sure he had not got a boner on he might get it tucked in, but he would still have a great bulge.

jim hane said,  

Many Japanese boys like to wear these really tiny speedos! They look real sexy!!

Anonymous said,  

wow how gorgeous

Ian said,  

I wear swimwear of the same pouch style, from Neptune Sceptre. I do however get my pubic hair waxed low to leave a tiny horseshoe shaped band around my cock and ballsac. They only show slightly above the waistband when I lay down on the sand. My cock is generally bent down over my balls unless I get a hardon when I lay it across my left leg. It shows a little with the narrow sides, but I don’t walk around with a hardon anyway.

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