Could you wear this?

This is pretty revealing – I would love to wear this in the bedroom but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the courage to wear this at the beach or at a pool.

Today is a perfect day – temp is only just below freezing, 5cms overnight and beautiful blue sky.  There are a stack of Americans up here on spring break but so far no one in the house has had any luck getting in the pants of any of them.

I have been pretty busy getting my new ebay store up and running so I can sell my DESwimwear again (I have a bag with about 150 pairs in my room and if I don’t get rid of them I’ll end up using them all).  I’m going to be working the rest of the day and have a few Rums and perhaps I’ll finish telling you guys about the maple syrup – I can use it to get myself revved up for when Will gets home.

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6 comments on “Could you wear this?
  1. Tom Cat says:

    yes Dave I am with you on this one – that photo of the thong, cute tho it and the wearer are, is just too skimpy for me to wear at Bondi.

    Sometimes a little more material is better !!

  2. Big Jay says:

    I would wear it. Not sure out in public, but well maybe on our boat when out on the lake!

  3. mo says:

    hi dave, i’ve been following your site for awhile now, and totally dig it. I’m interested in talking to you about carrying your swimwear on my clothing site. let’s talk.

    wayne finley
    st. petersburg fl

  4. Oz Boi says:

    Tom Cat, that aint a thong, its a Rio back.

    And Yes, I would (and do) wear something like that to the beach.

  5. Marko says:

    Dave and Wayne-

    Do you guys have an URL or web address for yer swim suit listing?
    I need to buy a couple of new suits this year and would loveto look at yers first.


  6. Iain Scott says:

    I would try to wear something like this but I doubt it would hold my cock as soon as I wear speedos my chopper bones up. If I saw a guy wearing them at the swimming pool, instead of the usual taliban shorts – I’d probably blow my load then and there!

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