Cute Speedo Santa Run Guys

Well I woke up this morning very horny and Will had gone to work so I’ve masturbated 3 times already.  I suppose I’ve been thinking of the ‘what if’ with regard to last night.  Was a definite shame that Dave didn’t get down to his speedo and I think it was a bit chicken of me not to speedo it up.  I’ve very disappointed in myself – I promise it won’t happen again guys.

There have been pics floating around the next the last couple of weeks showing off cute regular guys doing the Speedo Santa Run (or the Santa Speedo Run).  I’ve read that it is raising money or awareness for AIDS.  This guy below is one of the cutes guys I’ve seen in all the Santa Speedo Run fotos. 

A guys butt does look good in a speedo. 

Speedo Santa Run

I would LOVE to be sucking on the outside of that red speedo!!! 

Santa Speedo Run

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One comment on “Cute Speedo Santa Run Guys
  1. Codiye says:

    Oh what I wouldn’t give to be the guy sucking that guy’s speedo!

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