How was your Xmas?

Hey guys,

Just a quick post. Xmas here is uber busy and my day was fun and I was invited to lunch/dinner by one of my mates here. His family are a hoot and they treat me like one of their own sons.

Nothing naughty to post from me except I have about 3 hours of new movies uploaded and I just have to get some screen shots of them and update The next few days are going to be busy but I’m looking forward to sitting down and having a serious think about my New Years resolutions.

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2 comments on “How was your Xmas?
  1. electric2010 says:

    As is our tradition, just spent a quite day at home.
    Hope that everyone had a great day.

  2. john dee says:

    Had a fantastic lunch with family and friend , everyone had a wonderful day

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