I’m pumped!!!

Friday 15th April 2005
I didn’t think today was going to be much of a day skiing but it turned out fucking wicked!!!!! (wicked is my new word – head it from this English chick I met last week – pre-blog obviously outherwise you would have heard of here).

I knew it snowed yesterday (my day in town doing groceries and keyboard shopping) but it snowed a little last night and as the resort is nearly closed – nobody had touched my ‘secret’ and most importantly nobody had touched my ‘top secret’ powder stashes. I honestly can’t believe how awesome a day it was!!!!

All morning we skied these chutes in the trees which I could have sworn would have been skied out but nobody had touched them. Then after lunch things warmed up enuf that we could hut some more rocky steep areas. Man it was one of the most epic days I have ever had. If you follow this blog you are going to hear that a lot but I do say – this day was EPIC. I’m adding a new subject category called ‘EPIC Days’.

Time for my second Scotch (I’m sorry everyone – I did pour one before I sat down here). Brad won’t be home for another hr so will knock on his door after another couple. Time for some music and some deep tought!!!!

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