Last Day in Mexico – Wearing my speedos.

Lazing around the pool is awesome here – if I had the house to myself I’d be lying around in speedos but as I am the 5th wheel I am being slightly discrete. So from around 10am today – my routine was…

– Jump in the pool
– Dry off sitting in the sun with a drink and reading a book (I’m currently reading Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demonsâ€? – much better than the DaVinci Code thus far)
– Once I was dry head up to my room which has a nice ray of run most of the day. I strip down to my speedos and either pop open the laptop (as I am now) or continue reading my book or crunch through some of the paperwork I never do unless I’m somewhere sunny.
– Back to jumping in the pool.

It is 3pm now and I think everyone has had a enuf to drink (including myself) to make my next ‘jump in the pool’ run a speedo only one.

I know that Ian is wearing his black AussieBum’s under his boardies (his boardies are white so they kinda stand out). Perhaps my speedo run will prompt him to strip down those dork shorts.

And tomorrow morning we leave here – I’ll try and post later today, if not I’ll be back in British Columbia when I do.

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2 comments on “Last Day in Mexico – Wearing my speedos.
  1. rsuddhi93 says:

    i love dan browns books!

  2. Mark says:

    Angels and Demons was definately better than The Da Vinci Code, although I prefer the ending in the latter. Let us know what you think of it when you’re done 🙂

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