My first interview.

I’m famous – NOT!!!

But last week I was asked to do an interview for this other blog – as a blogger.

Nothing too naughty but if you want to check it out click here.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

3 comments on “My first interview.
  1. charles says:

    Hello Dave, oh I am soo touch that you visited my blog. You know being a hot man you are. It’s my first time here since I didnt see any links of your blog on that particular post about you or I was just blind to look for that since my eyes were transfixed on your photos. Well I hope I can have another speedo shot as well probably next summer have to shed off the little tummy I developed when I moved here in Norway. TC


    Already added you on my hotspots as well.

  2. tommosports says:

    Gr8 interview Dave..well done and yea we all wait with horny excitement of you getting will into the sack and into some speedos…maybe u could make him do what is in my story I wrote for ya…good on ya for all your gr8 work mate….cheers tommo

  3. Dave Evans says:

    Tommo – thanks mate – you’re a legend and if anyone out there wants a hot Aussie guy who lives in Rome – drop this dude a line.

    I’ll repost your story in the next month or so mate.

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