Part 3 of Dean in the hot tub.

So Dean and I head up to the hot tub. Thankfully (and expectedly – is that even a word?) nobody is there.

I pretend nothing is unusual and strip off my board shorts and jump into the hot tub. Dean didn’t hesitiate for long but it was long enuf that I was in the hot tub as he slid down his board shorts – man what a sight!!!

There is just something about straight guys in speedos – they don’t shave their legs so you get that bit on their thights that has no hair from their business slacks (slacks is like long suit trousers) and then there is the pubic hair poking out of their speedos. That was Dean in a nut shell – absolute str8 guy wearing speedos (and they were my aussiebum broncos!!!).

So the two of use are now in the hot tub – we are both semi-hard and I’m the only one who knows that Jen isn’t cumming – hehehehe. Keeping the mood alive I start the conversation up on threesomes (I’ve had a couple).

Dean hasn’t had any threesome’s he tells me. I’ve gotta keep the mood going so I tell him about my mmf threesome with Brad and his girlfriend. The story takes me more than half an hour to tell and I’m now fully hard!!! And I notice that Deans hand is obviously rubbing pretty hard too. The ‘easy’ chick Jen hasn’t rocked up yet but I think Dean has forgotten about her after I’ve told him about me sucking off another guy.

Time or an interlude – I can’t sit in a hot – hottub for that long. Might be the reason I like winters, might also be the reason why I can’t sit on a beach or that long without going into the water. As I finish this very erotic story I’m way too hot so I slide out of the hot tub (my major major hardon now showing through my AussieBum Coolabah’s). I’m sitting on the edge of the hottub (it is like minus 20 celcius) but I’m sooooo hot. And I’m kinda keen to show Dean my hardon. And then the party starts…..

I’m sorry guys – the rest of this story has been posted on my site ( My members help me pay the rent and help me pay for hot models and my own speedos so I have to give them stories like this first.

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If not guys – check back on Wednesday when I post the entire experience to compltion.

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4 comments on “Part 3 of Dean in the hot tub.
  1. vandave1966 says:

    You are a tease and a shrewd business man. A career in marketing lies ahead. Speedo sales perhaps?

  2. Dave Evans says:

    I’ll take that as a compliment Van – 🙂

    Tomorrow morning I’ll post the final chapter I promise. And I have a rather nice surprise for you guys this weekend.

  3. vandave1966 says:

    That was how it was meant.

    I played waterpolo this am with some hot guys in speedos. No sex, but lots of memories for the wank bank.

  4. tommosports says:

    awesome experience Dave. I read it on your site and I can highly recommend it to everyone. Dave does a great job keeping us up in speedos :-)….man some hot pics of the encounter woulda been so cool….hope many more hot experiences to cum and mayb even Will willl get in on the act….cheers buddy and thanks for ya creative work…tommo

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