Pics of my Aussiebum Portseas

I’m trying to add pics on here – these are of the AussieBum Portseas (the same ones that I had my steam room experience in). I’m wearing them now under my jeans.

Although looking at the AussieBum website – might take my jeans off – hehehe.

These are courtesy of the official AussieBum website.

Portsea AussieBums
More AussieBum pics.

I promise I’ll try and get some of my own up for you guys.

I'm a 20 something speedo enthusiast and I run this site.

10 comments on “Pics of my Aussiebum Portseas
  1. Speedoboy says:

    Can u tell me what Aussiebums are? Is it a type of speedo from australia? Nice pics BTW!

  2. Administrator says:

    Yeah they are a brand of speedos I suppose mate. I’ve got a link up to them on the right side “Official AussieBum Site” – check it out.

    Hope you get a pair.

  3. kris says:

    Where can we see pics of you? – great Blog!

  4. Kurt says:

    Love yor blog greatly! I think you have some terrific pics of hot guys in speedos (Luv It!). I have some hot speedo guy pics also.. would you like to see?

  5. DWL says:

    these guys are looking hot!

  6. tylor says:

    VERY HOT! but i was wondering. do u have any of them nude? getting it on? if u do, could send some in an email to me?

  7. Boston Kenn says:

    Holding my breath to see you in Speedos, Dave. XOXO Boston Kenn

  8. Mikie says:

    C’mon guys Speedo’s were invented and made in australia until the yanks bought it out!

    Now another Australian (new) company Aussie Bums is taking the world by storm look up ausiebums on the net

  9. Dave Evans says:

    Mikie – thanks for your comments mate. It wasn’t actually the yanks (americans) who bought speedo out. It was the dutch (netherlands).

    I know this because my site ( was originally and I was sued by speedo which was a netherlands company for breach of their copyright.

    I’d love to have the money one day to buy speedo the company back one day for aussie ownership and then spend all the pr money on encouraging speedos for young (20yo to 30yo) people.

  10. ten and cut says:

    very hot
    i love speedo and many ohter brands, N2N might be my fav.

    i must say that i do like the aussie bums have about 20 pairs, i like that theystill make nylon. They nylon forms such a nice pouch.

    I like to get a new pair, still a bit tight, get them wet with hot water and slip them on and get a woodie and let them dry with me stiff.

    the nylon will “remember” that stretching and form such a nice pouch from then on.

    i don’t think it is an either or when it comes to swimwear, so many different brands have their own advantages, it is what makes having a collection so fun.

    thanks so much for the pics.

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