Sitting in San Francisco

Well I’ve been on the road now for 3 nights and I’m bored out of my mind.

San Fran is a great city but I’ve been here a couple of times before and done most of the tourist things.  And since I don’t know anyone and I’m here mid week I’m not that keen to go out and try my luck in any of the clubs.

I don’t mean to sound down for you guys at all – the city here is amazing and probably one of the few Big Cities in the world where I could actually see myself living.

Well tomorrow I’m off to Japan (Narita) for 2 nights and I’m keen to get some of the Japanese Culture in and visit some temples and stuff – I’ve never been there before.  I’m only staying at an airport hotel so won’t get too out there but I’m pumped to check out some stuff.

Then I’m onto Auckland – I’ve got a few friends to catch up with there and I’m going to splash out on a hotel in the city for 2 nights and I’m going to try and see if I can meet some guys on  I’m pretty excited to be over in Auckland – knowing some people and being a little more prepared talking to guys online.

After that I’m off to Queenstown – at this rate I’ll probably get there on Monday 30th April but that date might be put back a little.

And guys – my speedos are only online for another 16hrs!!!!  Check 2 posts down for the links – a friend of mine in Colorado has possession of ALL MY SPEEDOS (a friend of Samatha’s) and she is organising it all.

For the first time…. tomorrow I’ll be posting from Japan and there might even be some more speedos up for auction.

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One comment on “Sitting in San Francisco

    Hey Dave!

    What a cool way to sell your speedos! And maybe someone will
    want to join your website from visiting Ebay!

    Great you are signing them. Are you signing all of them?

    Whatever country you are in I will stay in touch. I hope
    you are well and thankyou for this cool site!
    ROB, Adelaide

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