SLCSP – Ski Lift Company Staff Party

Wednesday 6th April 2005
There are 5 sleeps to the annual “Ski Lift Company Staff Party� (the acronym is now going to be SLCSP because I’m way too lazy to write all that.

Let me tell you a little about the SLCSP. It is held on a Monday. The day after the mountain closes for the summer. And it is a staff day. The ‘Lift Company’ puts on a 9 hole golf day with dinner (no alcohol – they realize that as 400 of their 550 staff are Aussie is might send them bankrupt if they paid for the grog). So Sunday afternoon comes – we all get wasted, then we all have to pack up (our homes for like 5 months now), did I mention that we are all hammered because of the last day partying??? Then at 8am or 9am all us staff get all our belongings and drive to the nearest Okanagan town to play golf on the company.

There will no doubt be a location in town for a party afterwards but I think I’ll wait for t1he rumours to settle down before I publish the destination.

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