10 Wanks in 1 day

Yesterday I think I set a new PB (personal best) for number of times I masturbated in a single day.

10 TIMES – yes I masturbated 10 times yesterday.

3 Before I got out bed.  4 while I was watching tv after lunch and 3 more when I got into bed to go to sleep.

It was a quiet day – the weather was crap and I was downloading and installing a lot of stuff on my laptop so had an hour to spare here and there.  I was a little hung over as well which always seems to make me horny.

Since I haven’t posted any pics for a while here are 10 masturbation photos for you to enjoy and hopefully I’ve helped spread the joys of jerking off.

Guys wanking

Guys masturbating

Gay masturbation

Group masturbation

Jerking off


Gay wank

I love wanking

Masturbation cum

Jerking boys

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4 Comments on "10 Wanks in 1 day"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Congrats!! My record is 6 times, one after another, i always try to break my record..

well…i hope that one of those wanks you use me (you know what i mean)


thanks dave! i usually don’t need help in getting inspiration to do the do. but i never take for granted a great cum shot.


well my fucking cock going to be sore to today got one hellva hard on thanks dave


I love jacking 0ff looking at guy’s pictures,I see.I love guy with big hard cocks

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