A day for white speedos.

Everybody loves white speedos. I have only ever had one pair of white speedos myself though (my AussieBum Coolabah’s – pics of them here in a previous post).

So here are my 2 all time favourite white speedos photos.

I have posted this pic before as one of my all time favourites. Pretty poor quality photo and it is old but man every time I look at it I get a boner. The guy on the left looks like an old friend of mine as well which kind of adds to the appeal of the photo for me.
White speedos being sucked.

And this is my other all time favourite white speedos photo. I’ve never actually seen anyone at the beach wearing a white speedo but if I saw this at the beach I’d be up in the dunes relieving myself.
White speedos - hot guy at the beach.

Well that is the last colour that I can think of – major colour anyways.

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david said,  

I love these photos. some other very hot ones I found are
at koalaswim.com. they are even more extreme

andrew said,  

hi dave,

i love your site i am in to speedos big time.And i also live in new zealandi wear yellow speedos and blue..


ten and cut said,  

i love white speedos.

if you are at the rright place, a gay friendly beach, resort etc.. it is fun to wear them and watch the fireworks fly!

i hve a few pair that i have worn in public, one at prety pedestrian beach, it was a huge turn on to know that i was breaking a few rules.

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