ADIDAS Speedo Day

The weather here has been wintery lately and the snow has been fantastic – best of the seaosn thus far for sure.

It has meant that Kip and I have been snowboaring a little more and it has eaten into my blogging time for sure.  I have a bunch of work I would like to get on top of this week which I’m excited about.

Today is a gorgeous day though, I really wanted to get out for a board this morning but I thought I’d act like a grown up and work (tomorrow we are going to Vail for the day so I’m not going to be grown up all week).

The speedos I grabbed when I woke up (I sleep naked or in a speedo) were my old favourites….. you guessed it….. black ADIDAS three striped.  Since we are having a day inside I told Kip that it was going to be black ADIDAS three stripe day and we aren’t allowed to wear anything else.

I really need to setup some webcams in this house for you guys – hehehehe.


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I absolutely LOVE those. For a while you couldn’t buy Adidas swimwear in the States, or cycling kit, but I found a secret source 😉 Thanks for reminding me!

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