Antony, Trev & I in a dark booth.

The place was really cranking – dance floor was packed. But there was a booth that was free against the wall. I stood up and motioned to the guys to follow me. I slipped into the booth first, Trev then slipped in opposite me and Antony joined me on my side. So far we hadn’t even touched each other but as soon as we had settled in we began kissing each other.

The booth was nice and dark (not that it would have mattered anyways the three of us were so horny).

As I was kissing Antony (this guy is really eager) he started undoing my jeans. Then he undid the drawstring on my speedos. Then he pulled my speedos down to release my cock. I was thinking – if he is going to start stroking me this thing is going to be over in a matter of seconds.

But he didn’t start stroking my cock…. Anton broke off our kiss and told Trev to get under the table and to suck my cock.

Trev’s eyes lit up and he slid under the table. Now I’ve kissed guys in public but I’ve never been kissing a guy in public while a guy sucks my cock in public.

I felt Trev’s hands on each of my knees first. Then his hand worked it way up the inside of my thigh and found my rock hard, just about to explode, cock. I slid down in the seat a little and then I felt Trev’s mouth take my cock as deep as it would go. He still had one hand on my knee and the other hand was now playing with my balls.

All the while Antony and I continued making out.

As you can expect – I didn’t last long. Getting really close I broke my kiss with Antony just long enuf to warn Trev of the impending ‘eruption’ before Antony grabbed me back.

My orgasm was intense. I felt my cock dumping load after load into Trev’s hot mouth and still Antony’s tongue and mine wrestled. Trev was like a hover and took my entire load and then kept sucking. When I finally came back down to earth I started undoing Antony’s jeans. I repeated the same process he did to me – his speedos were now down and I told Trev to transfer from my cock to Antony’s. I returned to our kissing while Trev tucked me back in, zipped me up and did up my belt again. It was Antony’s turn then.

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