Aquadaks Wankers

A couple of days ago Sethan pointed out to me that Aquadaks are launching a new white speedo.  Aquadaks were the guys who sorted out my first run of DESwimwear and subsequently fucked me over.

As well as messing me around they kept all the order information and he still owes me $700.

Its a shame because I really enjoyed the product but the guy just has absolutely no clue as to doing business online.  Here are the best model pics that he has. or (hehehe)

As for the future of DESwimwear – it will go on.  The auction I ran in April was a great success selling 45 pairs of DESwimwear in 7 days.  Since I’m moving around and I am pretty slack when it comes to posting things I don’t really want to run it as a constant thing.  However, when I return to Canada (where I left the stock) I will run another auction and I’ll give you guys tonnes of notice.

I have had a few offers of distribution but so far nothing that I really like – I’m sure something will come up though.

Aquadaks - Aussie Swimwear

Female Speedo Model

Aquadaks Speedo


Aquadaks Model


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