Blue speedos

Some blue speedo photos for you guys. I haven’t been posting many speedo pictures lately so over the next couple of days I’m going to post a stack of hot speedo pictures.  Let me know which ones you like the most.

Blue Speedo Blowjob
Blu Speedo
Black and Blue Speedo
Spank Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Really like the one of the blonde boy with the surf board. Very hot


YES! I have this photo and it’s one of my favorites. I think you are a hottie too. Wouldn’t you like to see this cat sprawled across your sofa or anything and just have him jump your bones!
Your eye is right-on and I would love to see more of you and even share some of my catch of the day. Speedos, bike shorts, tights…
It’s obvious these were all meant for the boys. Thank you and keep it up!

Best to you, mate.

David E   Toronto

I think the first of the four is my type. There’s something about the impish grin and the hand pulling down the speedo indicates a take-charge atmosophere. I’d just relax and enjoy the ride.

I wonder what the rest of him looks like? Any photos or a name for him?


Picture # 1 is HOT… the guy diving in is hot and clearly into it, but leaves the rest of the story up to your imagination. He could pull MY speedo down and get to work anytime!


The surfboard one is wayyyy hot. That guy can be in my dreams anytime.

But shouldn’t the word “SPANK” be on the back? =P


like them i have a pair of blue ones i cut the inside lining out it shows the outline of my cock better especialy when i’ve got a hard on


I Wish I Could Be In On The Action In My Speedos


well blue aussie bums got got me a good afternoon of fun.i needed to get the ceiling fan and light fixed burnt out so i called a electrian out to fix it said he couldn’t get out until afternoon .being hot spent most of the day in the pool.he finally arrived i answered the door just in my swimmers ,to find a nice guy about 25 dressed like usual tradies,lethim explained what was wrong he started doing what he had to up the ladder i stood there talking about stuff i noticed he keep looking at the coffee table then i saw what i had left on it dna mag.kept talking and watching his reation i startd to notice abulge in his shorts and mine was getting hard to hide.well he siad he was finished he put his stuff away and came back with the bill this was the time to see what would happen i was getting money out of my wallet a then said fuck haven’t got enough.he said just give him what had i said go and get some more out of bank he said not toworry about itand siad about the mag on the table i knew then i walk over to him and undid his shorts fuuck what acock i started strocking it then took it in my mouth and sucked it like a mad dog he blew over my face then said`he wanted to fuck me what else could i he pull my swimmers down and i lent over the table he slid his cock in it felt like i was ript apart i like it rough so i said just ram as hard has he likes and he did he puled out just before came again all over my back i sucked him some more before he had to go cock was about 6inch fat cut cock he left me with avery sore hole but it was worth it i don’t know if i will be game enough to try this again tho .thanks to my aussie bums

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