Dirty Blonde Guy in Speedos

Blonde guy wearing speedos.

This guy is wearing Stu’s speedos. He is just as hot as Stu as well.

If you don’t know – Stu is the most popular guy I’ve even posted pics of here. Click here to see pics of Stu in a previous post.

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adam said,  

Hi Dave,

I like the pic of the blonde in speedos very nice.
Your site is very good like i told you before.
One of the main reason s i like it is because you have a persoanl touch to it, writing regular on your site,and if you have some time talking to guys on msn.This sort of service to people goes a long way and i am sure the guys appreciate it as well.
I hope you got matt to take a pic of your butt,hehehe.
Any how i am talking to guys that i know that like speedos in wellington and telling them about your site.
you are one hell of a guy.
All the best
new zealand

Dave Evans said,  


Thanks for the kind words mate.

No camera’s involved with Matt – he was a little paranoid that his girlfriend would find out that he rooted her best friend and her best friends boyfriend.

I really hope I can get my webcam going in the next couple of months – then we should be able to have some real fun.


ten and cut said,  

i love your site.

yu say these are stuarts speedos. Please let me know, does Stuart know that his picture is used by gay men for sexual fulfilment and what is his age?

he looks under 18 to me as well as the guys and gals i all the background of the shots. Look like it was taken at a High School swim meet.

I am very into speedos not into under aged at all.

Scott said,  

‘Stuart’ is only 15 in the pics and his real name is Pedro. Do him a favor and delete the pics.

amir said,  

Hi.can you send me the movies?

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