Divers are so hot!!!

Quiet day in the Colorado Rockies working on speedo porn…. things I do for you guys.

This weekend could be shaping up for a very social one though so laying low for a few days mid-week isn’t the worst thing on the planet.

Since I don’t have anything important to say, I’ll shut up and share with you some speedo divers.  Diving is the last bastion of public speedo acceptance.

2 Divers in Red SpeedosHot DiverDivers

2 Users Responded in " Divers are so hot!!! "

Dr. Phil said,  

Well, now, don’t forget water polo, Dave! (Not that you can usually see much from topside…)

Jason said,  

Divers are so very very very hot……and they know it……..

And thankfully, they also show it!

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