Enjoying Colorado

I’ve landed in the US and I’m loving it!!!

Having never been this far east (I have been to LA and Washington State a couple of times) I think Colorado is awesome.  The skiing so far has been good – nothing to get too excited since only 7% of the terrain is open but the groomed runs are great.

Kip is fantastic and I think he is going to work out great.  He is one of the best snowboarders I have ever riden with and he has some great ideas about what we can do with some of my sites.  After 2 days of being here I admit to being a bit exhausted…..

For starters every morning we are up at 7:30am for breakfast.  In the car by 8:30am and we’ve been riding until about midday.  From there we head home and drop by a friend of Kips for a hottub and sauna.  Then we work most of the afternoon before heading out to do something – shoot some pool, play some poker or just go out with some of Kip’s mates.  I’ve been very well behaved and I haven’t drunk too much – I’m told that up here at 9,000 feet one can get rotten drunk very quickly and Kip is a maching at getting up at 7:30am.

Later in the week I’ll tell you about the changes that we have made and are planning to make.  Also, I’ve got a gut feeling that I might have a surprise for those of you who are looking for your first pair of DESwimwear over the next couple of days.

And just incase you were wondering…. yeah Kip and I have been having some fun in our speedos.

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