Foam Party in Melbourne

This is a story that Xavier posted on a couple of days ago which I thought was amazing.

Well last Saturday i attended my 1st ever foam party. I was quite undecided on what to wear. I cant find my boardshorts and all i had were speedos so i wore one of them. Low cut white speedos with some stripes in front.

I felt nervous because i was afraid i would be the only one in speedos but i was wrong. The dancefloor was full of hot guys in speedos and all my insecurities were gone. I stripped down to my speedos and joined in the dancing with all the other guys. Some were in their undies (Aussiebums and Calvin Kleins) and most were in speedos.

Aussiebums were pretty common there (well its AUSSIE anyway!) and it was hot looking at guys making out in the foam with their speedos. I got a hard on just looking at them. Luckily my hard on was covered by the foam. A group of cute young boys were dancing and they beckoned me to join them. We were dancing so closely, my erection made my dick pop out of my speedos i had to push it in many times. One of these guys started rubbing his ass against my dick. I decided to tease him abit.

I fingered his ass through the side of his speedos and he felt good. The feeling of my dick against his hot ass in speedos made me feel really good plus the fact that many others around me were doing the same thing was a bonus!

The club had a dark room beside the toilet where people could cruise. I went in to check it out and this guy in black speedos suddenly groped me. Although it was dark, i could feel his lean body and i started feeling his package in his black sexy speedos. He pushed me against the wall and rubbed his dick against my ass. He put his finger into my speedos and started feeling my ass. My ass was still kinda wet from the foam. As he slowly fingered my hole, my ass felt lubricated and good. I stroked my cock as he fingered me and i nearly came but i stopped myself just in time. I pulled him out of the dark room and we made out at a corner of the club.

Those were the most exciting parts. Besides that, the fun part was they had showers in the toilet for us to wash off the foam and i had the honour of seeing many speedo clad men washing their hot bodies.

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