Have I ever been with an asian guy?

This is an email I got today from Xavier….

hey hows it going?

im a big fan of your blog aussiespeedoguy.net.

Well ive been dying to ask you this question actually. Have you ever had fun with asian guys? What do you think of asian guys in speedos? Just curious actually because i think they are pretty hot as well.

Anyway looking forward to hear from you and keep up the good work in maintaining your blog!


I am a big fan of Asian guys but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to have any play time yet. Anyone wanna put an offer on the table? Simon Paul is an online buddy of mine who has his model shoot on ‘my site‘. He is an asian guy from Christchurch and as you can see from these pics he has an amazing body.

One thing that I do thank Asian guys for is the ‘low on the hips’ look which they do so very well.

Here are some pics to feast your eyes on….

Asian speedos.
Gay asian speedos.
Speedos on asian.

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