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I’ve been very mute on my politics since before the US Presidential Election and I don’t really know where I sit on the fiscal cliff debate, I don’t think that I have enough skin in the game to be passionate for one side or the other.  I am disgusted in the process, I’m disgusted in the people, I’m disgusted that New Zealand had Helen Clark as our Prime Minister for so long and I’m ashamed to be an Australian when our Prime Minister is Julia Gilliard.

Is that the best we have?

I was approached with an offer of a little $$$ for some ‘written commentary’ during the last Presidential Election.  You guys know I lean right and it was the right that approached me.  I was not interested at all.  I write what I want, I might not vote for Obama, but I think it is hipocritical for a party that wants less government involvement in our lives to tell me I can’t marry a man or that tells me my wife can’t have an abortion.

A couple of political topics I would like to raise….. you guys haven’t been commenting much lately, I love it when you comment and I love hearing views that are the opposite of mine and even make my views sound wrong.

I’d like to comment on that Korean Rapper Psych (I’m not sure he spells it that way – but I do like his song – I’m listening to it as I write this – hahaha).  I think it is classy the way he has come out and said that what he said in 2004 was wrong.  It was nearly 9 years ago, he is a young man and I think he has been pretty definitive in saying that he was wrong.

33,000 American servicemen/women lost their lives in the Korean War, it had nothing to do with America, but America thought it was important….. if it wasn’t for America sacking up, Mr. Psych would be singing Mao Style.  History has a funny way of bringing things into perspective.

I know we all hate George W Bush and my Australian and New Zealand friends, even my right wing friends, hate him too.  I wonder if in 50yrs, if Iraq and maybe Afghanistan can be democratic bastions, that maybe we’ll look back and not give George W credit but at least acknowledge his part in it.  I’m not that old, and I’m no scholar on American history but since I live here now, I love to read about it.  Harry Truman, the only person in history to unlease the power of an atomic bomb, THE ONLY PERSON TO EVER USE A NUCLEAR BOMB, seems to be looked apon, with the benefit on hindisght as a wartime President who did was was necessary.  Did you know that Harry Truman was the most unlike outgoing president ever, George W was the 2nd most unliked – hahaha.

It is dumping snow here so looks like I’ll be stuck in the house for the next few days – I hope I stirred up a hornets nest.  If you’d like to comment you don’t need to leave an email address, I expect you to be polite and I look forward to your views, particularly if they differ from mine.

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I think George W. Bush is the most maligned of the recent presidents. I know that won’t sit with the liberals out there. Regarding what is in the WH now although he seems to be OUT of it more than IN it, I think history may actually see how he had worked to destroy the Constitution of the U.S. Gay marriage I can accept, abortion except to save the life of the mother I can not accept. If a woman has to use abortion as a form of birth control then it is really a sad state of affairs. I know there will be lots of heat on my comments but to each his own. And why should my taxes go to women like that Sandra…. so she can open her legs for all the men at Georgetown at my expense?
If this is too offensive Dave justr delete it.

jwh (the Netherlands)
jwh (the Netherlands)

.., to use abortion as a form of birth control … that’s the whole problem, if there was proper sex-ed and availability of contraception the whole abortion problem would diminish.


Abortion is a tricky subject to tackle, it is decisive beyond belief, as above you’ve got the right wing Pete, who supports and speaks highly of one of the biggest warlords in recent times, purports the view that President Obama is on drugs and doesn’t want women to have the right to decide what to do with her own body. To me it’s scary to know there are so many American’s with similar views, some more extreme. But whilst I find their views unpalatable, I’ll defend to the death their right to say such things.

As for abortion my self, I don’t like it, so I wont have one, but I respect the woman’s right to do with her body as she see’s fit.

As for Psy, well it has been fun, at yes it could have been Mao style so easily, just as easily I could have been writing in German right now, or you writing this blog in an aboriginal way, if only history had been different. No matter how hard we try, we cant rewrite history, just the way we tell it.


its a kabuki dance. our Gov’t creates “mean well” legislation, then down the road has to “fix” their problem. ie: community redevelopment act (aka housing mortages) now a law that the repubs, dems, and pres. sign into law (fiscal cliff). Gov’t is not the solution, it is the problem.


It just pisses me off when people claim to be ashamed that Julia Gillard is P.M. Sure she is piss weak on gay marriage, but no P.M. has had to put up with the right wing shit that she has , and for a gay or by person not to support her is almost beyonf belief, get real


George Bush’s neo-conservative, interventionist ideologues need to stop meddling with other countries. Tony Blair was getting approval ratings of 90%+ before the UK got involved in Iraq! Now he is the most hated man in the country. And his was a centre-left (Labour) PM!

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