The final chapter of my gay threesome.

OK guys finally I’ve finished this off.

Here are the links to the earlier parts that I wrote…

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And here is the final chapter – hope you enjoyed it.

Turning around I saw Trev pulling off his cum fulled and arse covered condom. He pulled his speedos back up and leaving his jeans around his ankles moved around beside me. Firstly he put the used condom in the toilet and then he started helping Antony get ready to plunge into my hungry arsehole.

With condom on and Trev rubbing lube all over Antony’s fully erect cock – I put my head down and Antony rested his cock at the opening of my butthole.

Instead of plunging straight in like Trev, Antony teased me for what seemed like 5 minutes. I was pushing back trying to force his cock into me but he would pull away.

Finally I moaned “Please put that cock inside me.�

The response was some laughter and even a ‘Yeah’ from the rest of the bathroom. My request was answered and Antony thrust his cock to the hilt inside me. It felt sooooo good. Normally it hurts me a little but after Trev loosening me up it felt fantastic.

After the initial thrust Antony kept his cock buried deep inside me. As I moaned with pleasure I started gyrating my hips.

Antony had obviously done this before…. and I can only hope he does it again. After his deep thrust Antony kept his cock inside me for a good 30 seconds. Then as quickly as he put it in… he pulled it out ALL THE WAY. Now that did hurt a little as my butt ached for his cock to be inside.

Another minute or so of me begging him to fuck me and Antony finally thrust inside me again. This time he wasn’t slowing down.

My arse was being fucked hard and fast by Antony and what surprised me the most was just how long he lasted for. After a couple of minutes I was begging him to cum in my arse and it sounded like we had a big of an audience outside the cubicle. But I didn’t care – this was one of the most intense fucks I have ever had.

And as Antony finally came he let out a very loud grunt/moan/yelp as he pushed deep inside me. He obviously didn’t care too much what the other guys thought either. Antony collapsed onto my sweaty back and whispered into my ear (“One of the best fucks I’ve ever had Dave�).

Antony pulled himself out of me (that bit always hurts a bit) and we tidied ourselves up as much as we could. We left our ‘threesome cubicle’ and headed to the bar for another drink.

It was getting late (or early) and time to disperse. Everyone had an amazing night and we agreed to hook up again sometime very very soon. Next time we might go thirds in a hotel room for the night though.


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