I love European Men

Before I got here I expected most of the hotel guests to be American’s and Canadian’s, I don’t mean that as a bad thing at all but that was my experience in Mexico last year.

Last night at dinner I noticed that people weren’t as friendly as I expected (not as friendly as I’d expect from American’s and Canadian’s who I think are really friendly and always say hello if they pass you, we’ll the ones I hang out with anyway).

Then at breakfast this morning the bomb dropped.  We were late to breakfast (for reasons I’ll get to later in this email) and we got a window seat overlooking the beach, and immediately I noticed 6 guys wearing speedos!!!!

Fair enuf, they were guys over 30yo but that is more speedos than I’d see at an average beach in Australia or New Zealand.  Well maybe in Australia but there were a couple of the younger guys wearing tight swim trucks (the James Bond swimmers) which you don’t see (in Australia they are either lifeguards wearing speedos or they are wearing boardies).  I didn’t say anything to start with and throughout breakfast,  which was a buffet,  I only heard a couple of English conversations in the entire room.

From breakfast the four of us moved down to the beach and I saw even more guys wearing speedos,  more guys wearing those tight squarecut speedos and there were maybe 4 topless chicks I noticed to start with.

I couldn’t handle this anymore and I had to ask Lindsay what was the deal?  I know there is a swingers resort in the area (called Desire) but I didn’t read anything about this hotel.  Lindsay told me that a lot of these hotels on this part of the coast had a high population of European visitors, and in particular Italian.  Lindsay pointed out to me that there was a tour group of younger Italians at the resort (which explained the guys in squarecuts and the topless chicks).

Lindsay said that he and Justin had been there before and they picked it because they don’t feel like people look at them because they wearing speedos.

It is 4pm and I’m back at the room writing this while Antonio showers, we are heading over to Lindsay and Justin’s room for pre-dinner drinks and then we are heading to the Italian Restaurant for dinner.  I had Italian for breakfast,  I’m having Italian for dinner and fingers crossed for Italian for desert.

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