I love sex!!!

I received this comment earlier today….

Although I do appreciate your being honest with JK regarding your intent to “hook up� with Will, I am disappointed.

It is behavior such as this that tends to decrease the credibility that same-sex couples (especially gay men) should be taken seriously in their efforts to establish a monogomous relationship.

Not suprising, but then after you express your intent to keep playing the field, You considered inviting JK to dance with you and Will. Not to mention, having forethoughts of getting him drunk and getting laid in the future.

Im sorry but that just screams immaturity.

Not sure why you even want to say that you are NOT SINGLE, you dont have what it takes at this point in your life to BE IN a relationship. Its sad too because Im sure you are an intelligent, decent man that has a lot to offer someone. Maybe after you get yours with Will you will miss the companionship of JK and do some soulsearching, and reconsider your actions.

I’m just glad you were honest with JK about your intent. At least he had a choice to NOT engage with you any longer, but move on to find his stability.

I think he made the right decision because it sounds like you are not worthy at this point of a stable relationship.


Wow that was nasty mate – sounds like you’ve been stung yourself which is a shame.

I’ve never called anyone immature just because they made a choice I didn’t agree with.

For a stable relationship I would be giving up a lot of things – I expect to be back in Canada in November which I would have given up, I’m not ‘out’ to a lot of my str8 friends and that would have cost me some friendships and I LOVE SEX and to a degree I would be giving some of that up.  JK wasn’t the right guy for me and hopefully Mr. Right will come into my life in the future.

I always love reading your comments though guys and it does at least get me thinking.


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Gay kissing lockerrom
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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Kudos to you for having any discussion with JK. I’ve known so many people, in both straight and gay relationships, who just decided to mess around with no discussion at all. It showed maturity on your part to be honest up front and let JK make an informed decision. You were honest about what you wanted, and so was he. It didn’t work out. Better that than two people in a relationship based on dishonesty.


This is my third attempt at typing this comment, but I am determined that you hear what I have to say. You did nothing different than any hetero guy out there fucking a girl for a month and then deciding to dump her for another. What is the problem with gay guys doing the same. If he wasn’t the one, then you did the right thing with talking with hom and then breaking it off. It is the right thing to do. It show maturity. I have been around the block many times and got to tell you life is short, and you need to live it on your terms. If the guy isn’t right, move on. Good for you and I hope you find Mr. Right sometime in your future. In the meantime fuck the brains out of Will. He’ll love it.


I would just like to say JK sounds really nice and an Irish accent makes me melt too. Pity we’re in different countries coz I’m looking for a good stable relationship at this point in my life too and he sounds sweet. Keep up the blog, I enjoy reading it!

– A fellow Gold Coaster



If my comments got you to “thinking” then at least it was time well spent! It was not my intent to “bash you”, but
an attempt to stir up some thoughts regarding the subject. I reviewed your website after noticing you posted my
letter and realized you are 23 years of age. Had I knew this, or silly me, perused the site more frequently like
some of your other readers, I would have known this. With that said, you are at an age whereby “sex” and “learning”
are synonomous. You listed reasons why stability in a relationship was not for you at this point in time with the
primary being a up-and-coming relocation. Its best not to start a relationship when you KNOW plans to relocate are
in the works. You love sex! What gay man doesn’t love sex. I’ve had my fair share of romps and rolls and do not
regret a single one (okay there was this one time that…lol).

I admit that I was a bit judgmental in my earlier post and apologize for any unintended feeligs of being bashed.
Although I dont necessarily agree with the actions, I applaud the honest to JK about your intent. That does show
maturity, or at best-honesty, as your readers so avidly pointed out. I commend you for that.

When I realized your age, it was foolish of me to think you acted any differently than any other gay male
similiarly situated. Enjoy your youth, but please be careful. You, indeed, have a lot to offer this world. I would
like to see you around many years to come to engage people such as myself in healthy debates.

Best Wishes, and I do enjoy your website.


Big Jay

I think I might need to hit up canada this winter!



you should have a look at Brenton’s Aussielicious blog – he is covering the topic of ‘gay monogamous relationships’ and there is a huge spray of opinion !!


I find all this amusing, it’s your business. Who really cares!


Hey Dave,

That would be cool if you’re back on the Goldie in November – was kinda disappointed when you went to NZ instead 😉

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