Looking for ADIDAS Speedos (black)

Hey guys – I had a pair of these way back. Actually I think I was 18 at the time and I was doing a lot of swimming.

Probably more of a nastalgia thing but I’d love to get a pair now. I’ve searched high and low online and wondered if anyone knew where I could buy a new pair. Here are some pics of them – for purposes of eye candy just as much as seeing the speedos.

ADIDAS Speedos.
ADIDAS Swimwear
ADIDAS Mens briefs.
ADIDAS Bikini Briefs.
ADIDAS Swimmers.

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Big Jay said,  

Nice photos, glad you got to your house safe and sound, we would not want you to go anywhere. I am not sure where to get those speedos though. There is a place called Dick’s Sporting Goods here and I think they sell speedos and speedo products for swimming, you could try them in a search engine and check their inventory.

adam said,  

Hi Dave,
I must say ilike those pics mate you do it again.
I will have a look for you for these addias black speedos.There is a shop in wellington that has quite a large range of speedos.Thats where i got my latest speedos from.So i will go and check it out for you.
And see what i can find.
Take care and have fun in new zealand

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