Making up for lost time

Last night I was up and about walking around on my new crutches – they aren’t as hard as I thought and since my cast is below the knee I reckon I’ll be able to drive OK – not sure what the doc will think of that though.

Since I haven’t masturbated in 6 days I am fast making up for lost time – last night I got myself off 3 times and today I’m up to 3 already and it isn’t even 10am. My favourite method of straddling the toilet seat is a little too painful so my first go yesterday was into the hand basin and holy shit was there some cum!!!

Now I’ve got some toilet paper near my bed (yes I do have a private room – that travel insurance is worth the money it costs me) and I just lay some of that over me and go like crazy every hour or so – hehehehe.

Here are soem cum shot pics which really sum up what I’ve been up to.

Gay cum shot.
Hard cock with lots of creamy cum.

These pics are part of the fotos archive on ‘my site‘.

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