Monday Speedo Eye Candy

You guys know I love Mondays – a new start to a new week.

This weekend Kip and I were pretty well behaved.  I got up early on Sunday morning to watch the Aussies loose the first Ashes Test (a 5 days cricket game between Australia and our colonial masters the English).  I was talking to some friends on Skype and it was pretty exciting.  Later in the day one of the neighbors asked if Kip and I had a fight or something – the neighbor said they considered calling the Police – I’m sure a noise disturbance in Breckenridge caused because of a cricket match between Australia and England would be a first for the local fuzz.

I’ve got a super full week lined up, so much so that I knocked back an off to go to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre to watch Hunger Games – I have never been but I’ve penciled the last movie of the season in (Rocky Horror Show).

It has been raining and it is kinda overcast today so I’m sitting inside and just working away.  There are a lot of exciting developments work wise which I’ll get to share with you guys later in the week.

In the mean time, since I’ve been boring, I’ll feed you some speedo eye candy.

Hope you guys had a good weekend.

Casual SpeedoNice Pool - Speedo Friendly PoolWaterpolo Boys

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4 Comments on "Monday Speedo Eye Candy"

Let me know what you are thinking.....


Great body and purple speedo in pic 1 and an awesome pair of turbos in pic 3 . . . it was worth getting up to checkout these hot guys! thanks dave . . .


Never mind colonial masters — you’ve really established this site as a little piece of male sexual freedom heaven, which is much more important, and appreciated in Britain as elsewhere.

The only disappointment is the recent lack of girls speaking up as speedo fans: I bet a good number are readers…


Looks like those poor Stanford lads have just lost to Cal. Looks like they need some consoling or something.

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