More Aussie Speedo Companies

Last week I posted some pics of Eros speedos (the black ones with green trim and drawstring).

I’ve also got some really hot pics of guys wearing 2wink speedos (they kinda look like underwear don’t you think?).

Then there is AussieBum of course.

Caussie make a nylon speedo and they are a regular contributor on which is great.

Obviously AussieBum is making a shit tonne of money but I wonder how these other companies are doing.

I think that buying speedos is much easier now that we can buy them online.  I remember being nervous and buying speedos at Rebel Sports growing up and I’m sure many other people feel the same way.

I know that some readers here have very impressive speedo collections but I wonder how many pairs that most of us have (I fit into the exception as well having a very large speedo collection)?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts – if I get enough feedback maybe I’ll create a survey.

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