My 1st Swim Practice

Well today has been a pretty slow day for me. I’d like to thank everyone for their emails of encouragement – I love reading your emails and if I don’t get a chance to reply personally I will reply on this blog. Thanks guys.

In the last 2 days I’ve taken more pills than I have taken in my life… I have blood thinning pills to stop me having an anurism (I’m sure that isn’t spelt correctly), I have a tonne of pain killers to help with the pain of the hole they drilled in my head, I have some sleeping pills to help me sleep (which are doing the job I promise you) and I have 2 more pills which I have to take twice daily which I don’t even know what they do.

BUT on the positive side – I feel great. I can’t drink any alcomohol which is a bit tough and I can’t spent too much time in a hot tub, yes I did ask that question because I had pictured myself in Matt and Nikki’s hot tub for the next 3 weeks until my cast comes off.

So now onto speedos and sex……

This is a story sent to me by George Mac who is an avid reader of this blog.

It was another hot day in California. I was looking forward to the first swim practice of the season. Even better, my two best friends were on the team. They were on the team last year and I wasn’t. They told me how great it was swimming and that the coach was one of the best. Coach Johnson told me that the school will provide our swim suits. As the clock struck 2:45, I met up with my two friends and we headed down to the pool together.

Coach Johnson was at the entrance to the pool locker room handing out swim suits. I noticed that he wasn’t holding much.

When I got to the front of the line, I noticed that the coach looked down quickly, looked up, handed me a red Speedo, and said, “Hello Jake, welcome to the team. It’s good to have you here. Chandler and Brad will help you get set-up.�

I waited for Chandler and Brad as they got their suits. Once they finished talking to Coach Johnson, they caught up with me and we walked into the locker room. As we walked into the locker room, I felt my penis tingling. Half of the whole male population of our school was stripping inside the swimming locker room. I wanted to stare so badly, but I resisted the temptation. I saw my two best friends in the nude next to me putting on their red Speedos. I stripped down myself and got into my suit. It was about three sizes too small. My semi-hard dick was firmly imprinted in the front of my Speedos. Every other guy had the same imprint in their Speedo. I felt it perk up.

Swim practice was such a refreshing experience. I had never swum in Speedos before. I was the best swimming experience of my life. When practice was over, we went back to the locker room, and got in the showers with our Speedos on. My dick was starting to stiffen up. As everyone started to leave, I looked to Chandler and Brad to see if they were ready. They were still showering. I didn’t want to leave alone. Now it was only us. I saw the coach walk into the showers. He was in nothing except a pair of little black Speedos. As Chandler and Brad turned around to se who it was, Coach Johnson nodded to them.

All of a sudden, Chandler and brad and pinned my arms to the wall and were stepping on my feet. I looked at Coach for help. He walked towards me in his little black Speedos. Instead of getting Chandler and Brad off of me, he started talking to me.

“You did well today. You resisted and erection. Not many people could’ve done that.�
I didn’t know where this was going. Suddenly, he moved his head forward to my chest and started licking it.

“Stop it,� I said. I had never even considered the possibility that I might end up in this kind of situation. Even though I was asking hi to stop, part of me was enjoying it.

“I won’t stop,� Coach said. “You like it. Your fucking big dick gave that away.�
I looked down around my coach’s head. My Speedos had a six and a half inch bulge.

“Okay. You win,� I surrendered.

“Smart move Jake,� said Chandler. “It’s the best thing in the world.�
As the licking continued, I felt a hand on my Speedos. It started massaging my dick through my Speedos. I started to moan. I looked down and saw that both Chandler and Brad had boners. Now I was excited about this.

“That is some very nice stuff you got down there. Let’s get a better look.� Coach Johnson kneeled down. He started licking my Speedos.

“Holy shit.� This was the real deal. I knew I was in for the experience of a lifetime.
Suddenly, my Speedos dropped and a mouth slowly consumed my dick. It was slow and hard. As he was sucking, he freed me of my Speedos. He stood up and I looked him in the eye. We dove into a passionate kiss. It lasted forever. I felt his tongue inside my mouth. At last, he pulled away.

He looked at me.

“Practice is running late today boys. Don’t even think about leaving. I’ll be back. Keep the new beef stiff boys.� He walked away in his little black Speedos.

“Isn’t the new coach great Jake?� asked Brad.

“Dude, I didn’t know that you were gay,� I said. He was the biggest player in the school. “If I had known, this would’ve happened long ago…�

I took a step closer to Brad. I could feel his rock hard dick on mine. I looked into his eyes and said, “I always thought that you were one of the sexiest guys in the whole world.�

I dove into a fiery kiss with him. I reached down and grabbed his rock hard ass. As this passion was going on, I felt a finger on my shoulder. I turned around.

“Don’t forget me,� Jake looked so hot in his little blue Speedos. His dick was also rock hard. He had the biggest dick I had ever seen or heard of.
“Holy shit Chandler! How did you make that thing?�

I dove for his cock. I licked it through his black Speedos. He started to moan. I couldn’t resist it any longer. I pulled down his Speedo and took firm hold of his penis. I stuck it into my mouth. It went so deep. I almost choked on it. I stood up and put my arms around my two best friends.

“You guys are great. Thanks for getting me on the team. Now let’s get some real action.�

I turned around and stuck my dick into Brad’s hole. He moaned out. Suddenly, I felt Chandler’s dick going into my ass.

“HOLY SHIT!� I thought that my ass was going to rip open. We started humping each other madly. I reached around Brad and started to hug him.
While we were doing each other, Coach Johnson walked in. “Looks like you boys have been having some fun. Jake, come over here and let’s get better acquainted.�

I pulled away from my first gay threesome. “Coach, turn around.� He was still in his Speedos. I pulled them down slowly. After spitting into his hole, I jammed my cock in so fast that Coach jumped forward and yelled. It felt so good holding a man. I reached around and rubbed his chest. Chandler and Brad came up and started working Coach’s dick.

“Your turn,� I said to Coach. He turned around and so did I. He stuck his penis slowly into me. My two best friends came around us to work on my meat. As this was going on, I dove into the biggest orgasm I had ever had in my life. It was the best feeling in the world. I started squirting Chandler and Brad with cum.

Finally, Coach pulled out and looked at the three of us. “You three are the best swimmers I have ever seen. Now go home. We have a meet tomorrow. After the meet, I want to see all of you in my office…in your Speedos.�
We got into our suits and walked out…massaging each other’s dicks. As we left, the coach spanked each one of us on the bus. I turned around to look back. Coach winked at me. I took one look at his dick and then I walked away with my best friends thinking, “High school will be the best time of my life…�

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