Photo of Will

How hot is this guy!!!

Gay guy at the beach wearing a speedo.

He isn’t Will (Will is my roommate who I’m scheming to sleep with) and Will isn’t that muscular but my first ever pair of AussieBum’s were those ones – Palm Beach.

Also guys I have to say g’day to the blokes in the Indiana – drop your speedos and assume the position. I might have to drop down there before I leave north america and check out your ‘stoke’. Would love to have some pics for the blog if you guys get a chance.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hi Dave,

Great pic lovely body.he can drop to my bed anytime.
I have addais speedos, Tyr speedos.But what are aussiebums,
everyone is talking aussiebums.And this kiwi doesnt know what they are.
Have agreat weekend Dave.

All the best
new zealand

ten and cut

i am a swimwear freak. I like these aussie bums very much. they guy is hot too. If that were Will i bet you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.

I love many brands and many have different strengths. One thing about aussie bums is that they still make nylon swims, and they form such a very sexy pouch after a few uses.

keep the pics cumming!


This is my favourite pic


How hot is Will. He definately has great definition. I would jump his
bones in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

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