Receiving a BJ from BJ

So guys I started writing about this experience I had last week and here is another parcel of it – if you didn’t read the first part scroll down 2 post and you can read the first part.

“Its open.” Came my croaky response – man I need some cum on the back of my throat.

Now I’ve been the guy to knock on the door with only a pair of speedos on in the past and I know how nervious BJ must have been. But he didn’t show it at all – he opened the door in all his blue speedo glory and the only words that left his mouth before he started licking my lycra covered cock was “Hey Dave”.

I didn’t even have time to say hello myself as BJ was slurping on my cock through my black speedos.

And did I mention how cute BJ was in his blue speedos. His foto was very recent (always a good thing when you meet people online) and he was just as hard as I was. The drawstring on his speedos was tied but hanging out (a look which I love – pic below gives that idea but BJ’s was white and was tied).

BJ was sucking my cock and rubbing my lycra covered balls and with his free hand he was rubbing my chest. There was no way that I was going to last long and I was keen to cum in my speedos so after about 2 minutes I did….


Being out of action for a week and a half that was exactly what I needed and BJ didn’t stop there – he kept sucking my cum through my speedos.


My black speedos have never been so clean – and when BJ finished on the outside of my speedos he undid my drawstring (only a single knot) and started licking my softening cock.

Now it was his turn so I told him “Your turn BJ.”

I moved to get up but BJ held me down with his hand on my chest…

“No you don’t Dave, you are the injured one…”

I’ll post more tomorrow – my cock is just raging after reading that again and I need some relief…. Hope you guys are having a good weekend.

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